Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative

The Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative (VTMC) is a public-private partnership, founded to help accelerate business adoption of Advanced Manufacturing technologies and to develop a highly capable workforce within Vermont, the NE region, and the US. VTMC is actively building the infrastructure and partnerships needed to support business evaluation of advanced manufacturing technology and to help learners become skilled through training and hands-on experience.

Advanced Manufacturing Center

The Advanced Manufacturing Center at Vermont Tech houses leading-edge technology supporting the full product lifecycle, from ideation to production.  Businesses and students can access design digitalization, metal and polymer additive 3D printing, advanced machining, EDM processes, heat treatment, post-processing, metrology, and metallurgy.

Our goal is to help businesses thrive by making advanced manufacturing technology accessible and by developing the highly-capable workforce to support it.

The Future of Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing continues to rapidly open up ‘new frontiers’ for innovative and efficient design and production capabilities. Recognizing these opportunities, Vermont Tech has developed an Additive Manufacturing curriculum that, combined with its other manufacturing curriculums, will continue to support and enhance our skilled workforce – for students and incumbent workers alike. Combine this with physical Advanced Manufacturing capabilities of producing low-profile prototypes, molds and low production parts, the VTMC will provide a network of  resources that can effectively support, maintain and accelerate advanced manufacturing in Vermont. For additional information contact us using the link.

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