Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative

The Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative (VT-MC) officially launched in July 2019 as a public-private partnership between industry, higher education and various technical and support resources.

Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative

VT-MC is hosted by Vermont Technical College (VTC) at the centrally- located main campus in Randolph Center, Vermont.  The VT-MC mission is: “To advance Technology-enabled Manufacturing and associated Workforce Readiness in Vermont and beyond through collaborative public-private partnerships and opportunities at work in innovative learning, teaching and manufacturing environments. The partners involved with VT-MC strongly believe that the combined use of Additive Manufacturing (AM or 3-D Printing) to create innovative design and production techniques, along with “Industry 4.0” technologies and best practices, represent important drivers of Vermont’s manufacturing “future state.”

The Future of Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing continues to rapidly open up ‘new frontiers’ for innovative and efficient design and production capabilities. Recognizing these opportunities, VTC has developed an Additive Manufacturing curriculum that, combined with its other manufacturing curriculums, will continue to support and enhance our skilled workforce – for students and incumbent workers alike.  Combine this with physical AM capabilities of producing low-profile prototypes, molds and low production parts, the VT-MC will provide a network of AM capable resources that can effectively support, maintain and accelerate advanced manufacturing in Vermont.  For additional information click on the link below.

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