Ian Barker

Ian is a recent VTC graduate who spent his senior year as a work-study student for the Advanced Manufacturing Center, being a peer tutor for mechanical engineering students, and occasionally finding time to hang out with his friends. During his time at school, he gained the hands-on experience that VTC is known for with many different machines and processes. For his senior project, he collaborated with two other students to improve a local company’s manufacturing process to reduce errors and increase profits.
Ian received his AE in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2020 and a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology in 2022. When not at work, he enjoys reading, playing videogames, foraging for ginseng, and repairing, restoring, or repurposing old tools and equipment. Ian loves rural central Vermont and wants to stay in the area and close to family. One day, he hopes to have a house in the woods a little closer to work than his current residence in Strafford and an electric-converted ‘69 Fastback to get back and forth.

  • Role

    Product Engineer